Azure Pill

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Prerequisites: Above level 40
NPCs: Scholar Wu (Phoenix Castle, 214 231)
  Pharmacist Mu Mu (Phoenix Castle, 182 241)
  Bian Qing (Twin City, 471 330)
Reward: Level 43 Unique Ring; Experience; Silver;
Note: You will start over the Equipment Bonus quests after you have been reborn.(Reborn after patch 5096)

Walkthrough ( video )
1. Accept the quest from your trainer in Job Center and get a Training Badge.

2. Do Scholar Wu a favor and find Pharmacist Mu Mu for the Azure Pill, which is made from 1 Ratling Eye, 3 Ratling Meat and 2 Herb Packs.

Ratling Eye Ratling Meat Herb Pack

3. Kill the Fire Rat and you will have a chance to get 1 Ratling Eye and 3 Ratling Meat in your inventory. Then Bian Qing will give you 2 Herb Packs.

4. Give all the materials to Pharmacist Mu Mu and he will return you the Azure Pill.

5. Bring the Azure Pill to Scholar Wu and get an Ultra Badge so you can swap it for a reward from your trainer (the one who can promote you) in Job Center.

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